About Me

My curiosity with a video camera, began at a much earlier time in life. As a child, I found myself inseparable from my father’s camcorder, both making and editing home videos with friends. Fast forward several decades, and the curiosity I have with a lens, hasn’t wavered the slightest bit.

KBay Productions started in 2010 when I began filming wedding videos for friends. Gradually my work spread by word of mouth, and by bundling my video services, with a locally established wedding photographer . Over the next decade, I would go on to film countless weddings, and events from a cinematic approach. The joys these films brought both myself and my clientele, was and is unprecedented to anything I’ve professionally accomplished to date.

In 2014, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, who quickly became the subject of my photographic curiosity. Originally I began posing her in photo shoots and just as with my video, word of mouth spread. I shared the results of those shoots on social media, and friends and family began to ask where I had my daughter’s photo’s taken. When I informed them that they were in fact my photographs, I started receiving requests for shoots from family, friends, and social media contacts.

Not only do I have a passion for the lens, but I significantly enjoy making and building custom props for my individual photographic subjects and sessions. That is why I chose the “KBay Productions” moniker, as opposed to just “KBay Photography”. With my photo and video services, I attempt to capture your unique and individual life events, and transform them into vivid and lasting memories. I thoroughly enjoy both meeting and working with new clientele, and I hope you will consider my services, for your next memorable record.

My warmest and sincere regard,




Keli Bayrouty currently resides in East Randolph VT. She is a graduate of Commuications: Film and Electronics, from Worcester State University, in Worcester Ma. Please contact her using the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page, for photo or video inquiries.